Mineberg on the St. Petersburg’s International Economical Forum-2018

From May 24 to 26, Mineberg participated in the global discussion platform - the St. Petersburg’s International Economical Forum.

Central theme of this year’s Forum was “The Economy of Trust”. More than two dozen official meetings with well-known entrepreneurs, venture investors, major market players, experts, and opinion leaders took place in the trusting manner.

Mineberg had important negotiations with representatives of the following companies: Intel, Deloitte, Digital Space Ventures, GDI (Geothermal Development & Investment Inc.), Titomic, Virtus and many others. Shannon Pulin, vice president and general manager of Intel noted Mineberg’s progressiveness and high intentions. A lot of attention was paid by representatives of such funds as Altera Capital, Margaris Advisory, CLMI Ventures, Ant Financial, UFG Private Equity, Baring Vostok Capital Partners and others. Mutual interest meeting was held with a business angel and a large venture capital investor Alexander Borodich, the founder of the Universa Blockchain Platform and protocol. Revolutionary equipment presented by Mineberg was also noted by the Ethereum blockchain platform’s supervisory board member Vladislav Martynov.