Mineberg Mining Center with 7-nm ASIC chips based on Two-phase Immersion Cooling system.

At the beginning of 2019, a 20 MWh total capacity computing center for SHA256 cryptoalgorithm processing will be launched. It will be based on the and 7nm technology and Two-phase Immersion Cooling system provided by British company with Israeli roots - Bitware Group Limited. The chip will be made on the innovative TSMC 7nm Fin Field-Effect Transformer (FinFET) technology and will significantly increase Mining Center’s total computing power and reduce power consumption. Compared to the 10nm FinFET process, 7nm FinFET has a 1.6-fold logical density, 20% speed improvement and 40% decreased power consumption. BitWare Group LTD. develops and manufactures industrial semiconductor chips, computing devices and components, computing boards and cooling systems. Also, company is a computing center’s full cycle construction and maintenance operator.

The company has developed original Two-phase Liquid Cooling system for computing modules, which allows to ensure high system performance - maximum chip operating temperature is not exceeding 48 ° C and refrigerant temperature is not exceeding 34 ° C in boiling mode. Breakthrough Immersion Cooling solution makes it possible to place 10 next-generation Mineberg Immersion Chassis servers with 1.6 PH/s total capacity in 47U computing cabinet. New generation cooling system allows to provide effective cooling for the whole computing complex and significantly reduces capital and operating costs. With this cooling approach, by increasing equipment’s power consumption by 1.6 times compared to the “air approach”, it is possible to increase total computing performance by 50%. Power consumption of one server will increase to 16 kWh and a single computing cabinet will have 160 kW/h, with 1.6 PH/s total power (useful computational load). Cooling equipment’s coefficient using this method is 1.03.