Mining Centers

Collective Data Mining Centers

Mineberg project’s objective is to profit from building and upgrading data centers and renting them to the public. The project resources are sophisticated computing equipment as well as the team of highly qualified specialists from Bitware Group Limited UK. Bitware Company produces wide range of Bitcoin and promising altcoins mining solutions.

Blockchain-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be created in the project’s context. DAO’s key goals are increasing the capitalization as well as equipment’s hashrate managed by the organization through upgrading and reselling of existing immersion centers. Income obtained in this process will be used to create hi-end data centers with higher capacities.

For the users’ convenience and for the highest level of its transparency, organization is based on the private blockchain. With the help of Mineberg DAO users will be able to:

  • → purchase and resell coins issued by DAO, profiting from it on the principles of anonymity and confidentiality,
  • → purchase project’s mining equipment and the services (hosting, space rental, service center services),
  • → track the company’s equipment manufacturing and production processes as well as the mining centers construction and commissioning the solar and gas energy plants.

Mining Centers

Energy for Data Centers

Bitware Group has created partnerships with the subsoil users under the program of associated petroleum gas recycling in Russia and Kazakhstan. This will give the opportunity to produce cheap electricity by using associated petroleum gas in the places where such production is considered unprofitable. To minimize the electricity expenditures, the company is planning to construct data centers in the oil fields proximity. This will allow to get cheap electricity to be used for mining purposes.

Collectively with technological partners Bitware Group delivers, assembles and start-adjusts gas, hydroelectric and solar electricity plants. This provides the company with all resources required to produce cheap electricity and thus sufficiently decrease operational and maintenance costs for cryptocurrency mining and high-productive computations.

Thermal energy emitted by the data centers’ work as well as the excessive heat from gas-turbine facilities will be used for the agricultural greenhouses operation where environmentally friendly agriculture products will be grown. This approach will allow the agricultural production cost decrease. We will create an opportunity to profit from both mining and agriculture in any conditions, providing clean and environmentally friendly production.