Mining heat for GreenHouses

It requires many resources to cultivate fruits and vegetables. Recuperation and recovery technologies allows to use excessive heat from mining farms for agricultural purposes. As a result, it requires less money to be spent for growing environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables, thanks to the usage of:

  • → waste gas of technological equipment that utilizes fuel,
  • → waste water or liquid used for equipment cooling,
  • → hot ventilation air removed from the systems.

We preserve the environment, thus we use the excess mining heat for agriculture purposes. Because of this heat redirection, the greenhouses located nearby can receive necessary heat all year long. Symbiosis between mining and agriculture can and should be taken advantage of. With this approach:

  • → the costs of growing fruits and vegetables in extreme climatic conditions will become cheaper by 80%,
  • → we will have the opportunity to facilitate manufacturing without any form of waste.

Expansion and development of agriculture directly depends on the data centers capacities (constant increase leads to more heat emitted).