Miners development and manufacture

Industrial Bitcoin miners

Project’s participants will get maximum profit from the equipment and services used with the help of Mineberg DAO. Scaling effect in combination with the possibility to receive favorable loans will provide the users with the profit compared to the income of the experienced players. Since the project is autonomous and decentralized, it is assumed that it will obtain funding in the most transparent way possible. This can be achieved only through the usage of the most powerful and up-to-date computing devices available at the moment of time. Thus, Bitware team will carry out periodic checks and maintenance of existing outfits utilizing proven techniques and world standards.

Mineberg BTC is an innovative ASIC miner used in Bitcoin network. It utilizes 14nm ASIC microchips as well as 19’’ hermetic server form-factor housing which facilitates the introduction of immersion two-phase cooling system. It facilitates fully effective excess heat removal, which positively influences reliability and lifetime of the miners, thus enhancing their performance. Two-phase cooling guarantees optimal conditions for miners’ operation and the productivity increases by 1.5 comparing to the air cooling systems.

The developers have been working on the common issues, which resulted in introduction of some design changes to the miners, taking their usability to the next level:

  • → built-in LED display providing the possibility to check the vital device parameters,
  • → power unit is located inside the miner for more effective heat removal,
  • → sockets on the board to provide smooth transportation process.

The new miner has 160 TH/s hashrate, consuming 16 kWh of energy. Mineberg BTC is quite flexible in terms of power configuration: it is possible to install from 5 to 10 hashboards, each of them having 100 ASIC chips on board. Due to the miner’s architecture, one can easily install additional electronic chips to enhance performance of the unit.

In case the electricity costs dearly in your region, we recommend having all 10 hasboards in unit due to the higher energy efficiency rate. Capacity/price ratio is best when using 5 hashboards; this configuration is optimal in case there is a low-cost energy source available. Operating temperatures of the device are within 0-40C range, it also has Ethernet connection port installed. The device size is 950x450x300 mm, voltage level is 48V. Detailed device specifications including energy efficiency rate are available on our website.

Technical characteristics

Total device hashrate 160 TH/s
Power consumption 16000 W (6PSU*3KWT) + 12% at the wall with 93% PSU.
Energy efficiency 100 mJ/GH + 12%
Device voltage 48V
The number of ASIC chips 1000
Hashrate one ASIC chip 160 GH/s @ 16W
Device Dimensions 950mm(L)x450mm(W)x300mm(H)
Device cooling Mineberg Two-phase Immersion Liquid