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2019 new edge 7nm ASIC for Bitcoin

Multi-ethnic team of British company Bitware Group Limited is designing new high-end ASIC-chip for Bitcoin mining. The technical documentation, programming code and circuits layout designs are ready. Now the team is preparing to the test samples release. The sufficient capacity growth and energy consumption decrease is achieved by the usage of TSMC 14nm and 7nm technology called Fin Field-Efect Transformor (FinFET).

The production became possible through partnership between Bitware and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. At the present moment most manufacturers of mining board are restricted to 10nm technological process.

Innovative technology of three-dimensional shutter FinFET increases the productivity of the chip and decreases the energy consumption. The company uses silicon with bare crystal instead of graphite, which helped to decrease the production expenditures drastically. The expected payback time of the new chip is around 6 months in case the Bitcoin price stays above $6000 mark. Bitware specialists will use two-stage immersion liquid cooling system to achieve optimal performance parameters and for the effective heat removal.

SHA256 Core Specifications Chip Specifications
Single core hash rate: 46.875 Mhsh/sec 8190 SHA256 cores
Single core area: 0.0026 mm^2 Die size: 4.5mm x 4.5mm
Single core power: 2.5mW Package type: WL-CSP 6mm x 6mm
Normalized W/Hash: 65.5W/Thsh Hashrate per chip: 487.5GHsh/sec
Normalized Hash/area: 0.05 mm^2/Ghsh Power per chip: 20W

Bitware Group’s team is highly experienced and has access to the cutting-edge scientific and technological infrastructure; thus, they plan to start selling the new miners in the beginning of the 2019. 7nm technological process is vital, because it decreases the size of the chip and consequently the energy consumption as well. The energy consumption decrease is a high-priority task in mining, because it influences the mining income greatly. Currently, only giant companies can afford to produce 10mn chips. Thus, 7nm technical process used by Bitware Group is without a doubt a technological breakthrough.