2Phase cooling

Immersion Data Centers

Mineberg is a project that aims to build cryptocurrency mining data centers as well as cryptocurrency transactions processing centers. The project combines hi-end technologies, blockchain transactions processing and industrial cryptocurrency mining tactics. Project’s technological base are own production 14/7nm ASIC chips. Project’s uniqueness consists in the use of own hardware and software technologies for cryptocurrencies mining as well as the risk management system and automatic income-to-fiat conversion.

Bitcoin mining servers are supplied as autonomic solution with the two-phase immersion cooling system used for industrial mining. Own production supercomputer clusters based on all-purpose and highly-productive FPGA modules, allowing to perform highly effective computations. They are capable of adapting to the dynamic market’s reality and can be used not only for cryptocurrency mining, but also in the AI sphere and computer-based training, computer vision, video rendering and compression, virtual reality, computer games, banking, Big Data as well as for medicine and genetics.

2Phase cooling

Two-phase immersion cooling system

Bitware specialists elaborated their own two-phase immersion liquid system for mining equipment cooling. As a result, the peak hasboard temperature is not going above 50C with the 34C temperature of boiling liquid, providing stable conditions for the equipment.

New cooling system efficiency decreases the possibility of the downtime and facilitates the maintenance process. Liquid cooling system gives the opportunity to increase the capacity and density of the equipment – one 47U box can contain 10 Mineberg servers with the total hashrate of 1.6 PH/s in the Bitcoin network.

Liquid cooling system handles the task way more effective than the air systems do. With the help of immersion system it becomes possible to overclock the equipment up to 1.5 times, providing better hashrate with 1.6 times more energy consumed. Therefore, the energy consumption of one 1.6 PH/s box will make up 160 kWh. Close proximity to the oil fields will supply data centers with the cheap electricity through associated petroleum gas usage.

Excessive heat from mining and gas equipment will be used for agriculture. This approach will help to decrease the agriculture expenditures by 80%. Cryptomining will allow to grow environmentally friendly agricultural products in any climatic conditions and thus get a double profit.